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Barbecue Sauce Market Research Report- Global Forecast to 2023

BySaurabh Sinha

Jan 13, 2021

Market Overview

Barbecue sauce, also referred to as BBQ sauce is a flavor enhancer used in the cooking of barbecue styled meat or vegetables. Barbecue foods are prepared by smoke grilling which helps in sustaining the nutritional value, imparting a unique flavor to the food product which further is said to be delivering health benefits. This factor is acting as a significant driving force that is augmenting the demand for barbeque sauce led by the rising demand for healthy and roasted meat and vegetables which, in turn, is increasing the market growth of barbecue sauce. Rising consumer demand for food products prepared with flavor enhancers that offer exotic flavors is positively influencing the growth of barbecue sauce market. Shifting food consumption pattern backed up by increasing disposable income is propelling the growth of this market. Resultantly, BBQ sauce market is growing rapidly on the global platform.

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Additional factors substantiating the market growth include rising urbanization and globalization that is allowing people from different continents to come closer and explore each other’s food trends. Increasing awareness towards healthy eating habits such as roasted food is fostering the market growth.

Competitive Analysis 

Highly competitive Barbecue Sauce Market Analysis appears to be fragmented with several large and small players forming a competitive edge. M&A, innovation, and brand reinforcement remain the key trends for these players. They strive to develop cost-competitive barbecue sauce meant to reduce the downtime with longer shelf life. The competition in the market is estimated to intensify with the expected extensions in product & service and product innovations.

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Matured key players are more inclined towards enhancing the production of organic and non-GMO barbecue sauce to satiate the growing consumer demand. They are also emphasizing more on delivering unique products, enhanced with the longer shelf-life to create product differentiation which is seen to be one of the key focus areas.

Some of the eminent leaders of the Market include ConAgra Foods, Inc. (U.S.), Kraft Foods Inc. (U.S.),   J Lee’s Gourmet Bbq Sauce Inc. (U.S.), Sweet Baby Ray’s (U.S.), KC Masterpiece (U.S.), Killer Hogs (U.S.), and Memphis Barbecue Co (U.S.).