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Big News Coming Up – Space Force


Oct 28, 2020

In a live webcast hosted by the Air Force Association, Deputy Chief of Space Operations Lt. Gen. B. Chance Saltzman, said that the U.S. Space Force has plenty of announcements lined up on its first anniversary in December. He hinted at the release of some new developments during the October 16th interview. The official name for the Space Force members is among the most anticipated announcements in the upcoming anniversary. The Space Force members are currently informally called ‘airmen’ of ‘space professionals’ since the official name isn’t out yet.


The process of selecting a name has taken more time than predicted. Saltzman said that leaders do not want to rush the decision, fearing that they might regret the selection in a hurry to choose a name. He added that the service’s leaders are deliberate in choosing to avert a situation in the future where its successors will have to undo hasty choices made.

Also expected to be revealed during the anniversary are the ranks and insignia of officials and personnel. The decision was expected to be done in the summer but was halted as the House passed an amendment to the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act to direct the Space Force to use Naval ranks. The Force mow awaits a deliberation on the matter scheduled to be done later in the year in a House-Senate conference.


During the Mitchell Institute session, Saltzman also commented that the Space Force does not aim to take over the Navy and the Army’s space programs but that the Space Force would primarily offer support to other services with their space programs. According to the Pentagon, Army and Navy space programs may be later consolidated within the Space Force.

Another point made during the event is that the Space Force favours massive spacecraft replacement with constellations of low Earth orbit constellations. Saltzman said that while the large satellites do a great job serving everyone, they are also better targets for their adversaries. As the country moves towards LEO systems, spreading the architecture over more systems makes targeting difficult for the enemy.


Saltzman also said that the Space Force would take advantage of satellite communications made by the commercial sector. He further added that the Space Force would be moving into creating strategies to ensure its data security instead of building the satellites themselves. To venture into this, he says, the first step would be to use more commercial bandwidth and focus more resources on how to protect the data coursing through that network.