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How companies will link S with E in renewable energy


Nov 16, 2020

Chanel and Microsoft signed an agreement with renewable energy companies that invest and give first chances to both color and low-income communities. Microsoft is partnering with Sol Systems to establish solar projects capable of producing 500 megawatts to the less fortunate communities. It has also granted $50 million to train community development workers and other environmental programs. 

In partnership with Sunrun, Chanel has devoted $35 million to developing solar energy projects for low-income families in California. This investment will help families save $600 on their average annual power bills and supply solar power to over 30,000 residents. The deal also includes training locals on solar panel installation and maintaining solar panels.

Both companies’ representatives were at VERGE 20 discussing their investments. The two companies are at different places in their journeys towards clean power; both are planning to link E with S. The head of special projects, global sustainability for Chanel, LeBlanc Susanne, said that climate change is both a social and environmental issue, saying both need to be addressed simultaneously. 

Cooperating on equity and inclusion in personnel

Renewables Forward diversity and inclusion initiative was launched last month by twelve CEOs of trade associates and renewable energy companies. CEO of Generate Capital, Jacobs Scott, said that the initiative’s main aim is to address racial equity issues in the industry. The CEOs promised to take bold measures like benchmark and accessing their progress to help expand diversity all over the industry, investing in less disadvantaged and communities of color, creating more opportunities for people to work in the clean power industry, and coming up with best practices and sharing them to help diversify their companies. 

In partnership with the Urban Alliance, the CEOs group plans to reach high school students and work with Black universities and colleges. This is according to the CEO of Sol Systems, Horwitz Yuri, during his interview with GreenBiz. He added that they are working so hard to ensure they lure young talents, especially minorities, black leaders, and women who will enter the industry and diversify it. Yuri said that he has seen that many companies have shown interest in working together and doing a similar thing. 

According to Donge, this is only possible if the renewable energy industry collaborates with other economic sectors such as technology. She added that these partnerships would help organizations come on the ground and interact with the less fortunate in society for community benefit.