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Biden Encourages Mayors to Spend Federal Stimulus

President Joe Biden praised his two main legislative victories — the latest round of COVID-19 stimulus and a bipartisan infrastructure plan — in a speech to America’s mayors on Friday, both of which have given localities billions of dollars in federal cash.

Biden urged mayors to utilize the monies allocated to them in two legislation during his address in Washington, D.C., adding that they were “designed not merely to fend off the epidemic” but to “invest in the future.”

The legislation’s purpose, according to Biden, is to “make goods more inexpensive and available to people,” with an emphasis on the poor and middle classes.

“I’m sick of the middle and lower classes bearing the brunt of the load. It’s time to rebuild the economy from the ground up and outward “Biden said the following.

Biden gave his speech to the United States Conference of Mayors, an annual meeting of local officials from throughout the nation. The conference will be held for the 90th time in 2022.

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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen also urged mayors to use their relief funding earlier this week. The American Rescue Act, she added, “protected towns from the worst economic repercussions of omicron and delta.”

The Treasury has paid nearly $245 billion to communities, according to the Associated Press, so that they may better deliver immunizations, offer better child care alternatives, and encourage employee development for their inhabitants.

Biden’s comments came only days after a rare White House news conference with the press corps. Biden spoke on the COVID-19 pandemic, the omicron surge, and the country’s present economic picture at the news conference.



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