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2 Stimulus Checks This February? How It’s a Real Possibility

The Child Tax Credit payments that American families had been receiving were stopped when the Biden administration’s Build Back Better legislation failed to clear the Senate. Then it was suggested that individuals who are qualified get two stimulus payments in February to make up for the January payment that was missed. Now, it’s been reported that families who got Child Tax Credit payments may get the rest of their money by making sure to record the facts supplied to them in an IRS letter, which can be read up on here, on their taxes.

President Biden’s almost $2 trillion Build Back Better plan lost the support it needed to continue ahead, which is why the Child Tax Credit cheques did not arrive in January. Senator Jon Manchin (D) of West Virginia withdrew his support for the measure, preventing it from receiving the necessary number of Senate votes to advance.

According to BGR, the IRS warned the Biden administration that the law needed to be approved by the President fairly quickly in order to have the January payments available. Because the Senate has been adjourned until the new year, the bill will not be enacted in time for the January Child Tax Credit installments.

Manchin, in particular, has come under criticism from several of his Democratic colleagues for refusing to endorse Build Back Better. “If Sen. Joe Manchin wants to vote against the Build Back Better Act, he should be able to do so on the Senate floor,” said Bernie Sanders, a former presidential contender from Maine. “He should have to explain himself to West Virginians and Americans as to why he lacks the fortitude to speak up.”

The West Virginia Senator has also been accused of not being a real Democrat since he has a history of voting against legislation proposed by his proclaimed party. “Well, I guess,” Manchin said when asked whether he still had a place in the Democratic Party. According to CNN, he went on to say, “I’d like to believe that there are still Democrats that share my viewpoint…. I’m socially responsible, economically responsible, and empathetic.

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If there aren’t any Democrats like that, they’ll have to force me to go wherever they want me.” Manchin and President Biden allegedly had a chat regarding the Build Back Better proposal in late January, and it was determined that they would reopen negotiations on how to get the law enacted in January.



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